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There used to be no effective way to get real insight into group dna.

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GRW For Organizational Culture

We capture, analyze, and build culture using data as our launch point. Your workplace gets a boost unlike anything survey data could ever provide.

FLW For Sport Performance

Build and measure team cultural fit using US military grade software to evaluate both sport specific IQ and cultural fit of every member. There’s nothing like it.

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What makes our products stand out among others in the market?

Besides the fact that nobody else is measuring culture and providing insight into group performance like us, the biggest difference is that we measure behaviour and not answers. People can hide behind survey data, but nothing measures culture like our behaviour based Culture Analytics. 

What do I receive once I buy your services?

For the FLW Project, you and your team get a simple link to complete the sport-specific strategy and culture evaluation and reports are returned by email. For the GRW Project the manual data collection and GRW Training are set up with you in a 1on1 meeting, delivered in person over 4-7 days, and a detailed AAR (After Action Report) is emailed. All results are delivered either instantly or within 48 hours of project completion for all services.

Can I have access to a trial?

Absolutely! We can send you a FLW Project demo anytime and are happy to connect on how we can demonstrate our effectiveness in GRW and any other service as well. 

My company is not located in canada, can I still have access to your services?

For sure, we currently have clients all over the world, including the US, UK, and even Australia. 

Is GRW applicable to any kind of business?

Workplace culture is present in every environment, therefore GRW is something that easily adapts and fits into any business setting for organizations of any size. 

What is the workplace culture certification and why should I get it?

This elite certification is a part of our GRW Project, where we compare your current culture to gold standards we have developed. FYI, it’s hard to get. Nobody has gotten it on the first try, but we provide the changes you need to get there.

What will my results tell me about my organization?

They will give actionable results on things like engagement, altruism, organization commitment, capacity for inclusion, and much more in your comprehensive After Action Report which also includes our recommendations for real change.

How much does it cost to get access to your service?

You can check it out for free and then services are rendered at a per participant rate based on the scope of the project. We give you a full quote and in our initial call. Many of our training programs are also eligible for grant funding, that previous clients have accessed, and our experienced staff are happy to help you with the applications!

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meeting the gold standard...

  • Our Culture Analytics involves two key layers:
  • Data collection methods we created with behaviour and psychology professionals.
  • Data analysis models that use the Hofstede’s 6 Dimensions of Culture and the Big 5 Personality Traits 
  • The GRW Project work business requires a minimum of 4-7 days to achieve the power number needed in the data, is currently delivered in person, and will soon be digital.
  • The FLW Project software for sport incorporates the work of industry professionals Adaptive Immersion Technologies.