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Leaping in Business

Recently, The Boost Institute created an online store of products that are picked for quality and applicability to day to day life.

Some of these things are directly related to improving your ability to learn, grow, and perform. Others are picked because they are things that we like and believe that you will too.

The big piece of feedback so far is that some items are a bit pricey (we put quality of product over price) and that a training and consulting company shouldn’t also have a store that sells products like this.

That’s the leap.

Many don’t, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t.

We love the fact that people we train and consult with can get these items cheaper with the discount codes they get in their sessions.

Furthermore, we really appreciate being the vehicle to get high quality products to people we work with when they otherwise may not have had them.

So yes, it’s a leap. But why not leap once in awhile?

To learn how to help people perform and lead at THEIR best, check out our Real Learning with Real People episodes on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, and anywhere else you get podcasts.

To check out the store that we are talking about, simply click here!


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