The Biggest Political Problem–Bad Learners

Partisan and petty, politics seems to be increasingly confusing and messy. No clear way to untangle the ball of differing opinions and views that are deeply personal in nature.

When did we stop learning? Brene Brown talks about how “people are hard to hate up close”, but few making the most important decisions are getting close enough to even hear their voice much less see their face.

What if the problem with politics is that there is not nearly enough time spent learning, but instead a focus on winning

Lately (one decade? Two? Three?) it seems like nobody is learning or winning so what do we all want to happen? It’s so easy to say what we want but when do we connect on it? 

It’s about time the response to a differing opinion was:

“What does that look like you?”


“Why is this important to you?” 

instead of 

“Your opinion is wrong and here’s mine.”

Listen longer. Talk with empathy. Keep learning. 

Stop politics that are about winning. 


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