How to Pursue Performance & Growth During COVID-19

Neural Pathway drawn by Addy (7 Years Old)

Mindset is an absolutely key component of performance and learning. When we use presence, awareness, and growth mindset in times of challenge and change we help ourselves improve. In this brief article you will get resources that can make an immediate impact on your life as you navigate current, and future, challenges.

It’s important to use our current time of uncertainty to build our capacity to grow on our own, and alongside others. We want to create new neural pathways and take advantage of our neural plasticity to become more than we were before the pandemic. If we do this, we don’t need to worry about the uncontrollables, instead we stay locked in to what is entirely within our power to change.

Below we have put together some resources that will directly help with performance, mental health, and team cohesion as change comes.

1) Separate your “self” from your craft: Build a personal philosophy that connects deeply with who you are in order to help you with what you do. We posted a video earlier this week that talks about this, but you can learn more by reaching out.

2) Educate yourself: Topics for athletes (periodization, tough conversations) or for everyone (speaking to leaders, understanding the importance of mindset) are key.

Click here for free infographics or

click here for some great lessons from a NASA Astronaut that we had on our show on having perspective and pursuing goals, subscribe while you’re there.

3) Be a part of something bigger: Talk to your boss or coach about how you can be involved in Boost Tech‘s culture measurement pilot project as we are on the way to building our software.

4) Get mentored: We haven’t advertised mentorship for a long time, but we have just 5 spots in our 1on1 performance mentorship program. We go through everything discussed above, plus breathing techniques, mental strategies, eating & sleeping to get better, and more!

Here’s one of our mentees:

“Working with Ken gave me the mental tools I was looking for but could never find. Building things such as my personal performance philosophy with him has proven to be immensely important for not only my athletics, but my personal life. I am now able to more easily accept uncontrollable circumstance, and shift my focus to things I can control. I am always amazed that no matter what the issue or thoughts I might have, he consistently has immediately applicable and effective advice on ways to deal with them. I have no doubt that this work with ken has greatly improved my abilities as an athlete” -Adam, College Athlete

This program is guaranteed to build higher capacity for performance and normally costs just $199.99/month billed monthly BUT we are offering it to the first 5 to reach out and sign up for just $119.99/monthly or $699.99/yearly.

Email with the subject “Get Better Discount” to sign up at this reduced rate.

PS. Shoutout to 7 year old Addy for this really cool drawing of a neural pathway. So awesome!

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