Why Cultural Fitness Is The Most Important Thing Your Business Isn’t Measuring

With recovery and growth on the mind, and an economic contraction that is not set up to support it, we need to find innovative ways to set ourselves up for success moving into 2021. We simply can’t afford to do the same old things and dismiss new ideas.

That’s where the Boost Innovation Cultural Fitness Model can be an absolute game-changer for small, medium, and large business.

As a general framework for our GRW Project, we have been able to great modelling and algorithms that can save, and grow, businesses of all kinds.

The model was adapted from Crossfit’s Sickness, Wellness, Fitness Continuum, but has been meticulously built up for our purposes by piloting with Hyatt Hotels, Starbucks, sports teams worldwide, and numerous small businesses.

The premise is really that, in times of stress, our business will trend towards being in the zone of risk. Whereas, in times of analyzing and building our culture we will trend toward fitness. The error that many businesses make is to assume that financial stability is the ideal place to be. However, as shown above, that is a rapid downward slope towards risk. Organizations that build and analyze culture, with actual measurable data, are “culturally fit” enough to sustain stressors and are more resilient.

So, this all begs the questions:

Are you stable? Or are you fit enough to withstand unexpected stress?

And the coolest part? We are going to make it all digital in 2021…stay tuned.


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