Calgary: The Bay Area Without The Bay

Over the last two years building a tech company in the City of Calgary has been a decision that continually supports itself. With knowledgeable people around us for mentorship and grow, like Creative Destruction Labs and Harvest Builders (along with many others), there is an ample amount of opportunity to build with experience and knowledge that is simply beyond what most other cities on this continent offer.

However, one of the best features of the area is the ability to support THE PEOPLE that you involve in your company. Here’s a quote from our founder on how it’s impacted him and some of our people:

“Calgary has simply become the clear front runner for building a company in my opinion. I’m originally from Ontario and want to move back to be closer to family and friends every day, but there’s key factors here that can’t be beat. “

So we asked Ken exactly what he is talking about when he uses the phrase “key factors”, this was his response:

“I’m talking about affordable cost of living, great investment opportunities, high levels of wellness factors, and overall great quality of life for our people as we grow and evolve. It’s impossible to walk away from”

-Ken King, Founder of Boost Innovation

And for those people that have been involved in the startup ecosystem before, it makes a HUGE difference to have those aspects of daily living be so positive.

We have a partnership with a firm currently located in the Greater Toronto Area and are often able to compare and contrast the differences between our staff’s experience:

  • Working from home and going for a run with the Rocky Mountains on the horizon during breaks vs going to work in a concrete building in an office that has no windows surrounded by concrete.
  • Housing prices that are affordable for couples and families vs housing prices that Jeff Bezos would scoff at (even in retirement).
  • Active opportunities in green spaces that are walking distance just about everywhere you go vs needing to take a car or train to get to the same kind of green space.
  • An investor and mentor culture of community that is altruistic, eager to teach, and humble vs a more inaccessible and less empathetic culture that is more siloed.

Just to name a few.

We aren’t writing this article to boost (no pun intended) for the sake of boosting though. We are writing it as a testimonial in the spirit that a rising tide lifts all ships and we, selfishly, want you and your friends’ tech companies here too so that the ecosystem can continue to grow and expand. It’s happening already, and much of the energy money that is choosing to pivot is pivoting to be staring down the pipeline (that pun was intentional) of technology.

So come to Calgary. Have a beer with Boost Innovation.

Let’s all grow and change the world together.

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