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Boost Innovation Continues To Expand Reach Of Their Culture Analytics Model

For years, Boost Innovation has been pioneering in the field of Culture Analytics by continuing to find new, and more effective, measurements of culture in both the workplace and sport settings.

Over the last six months alone, Boost Innovation has announced:

But the interesting thing about Boost Innovation is the continued growth, sustainability, and innovation that proves adaptable to the times we are in.

For example, in the last week alone, Boost has established partnerships to help build new fire suppression methods for farmers AND a mood check in software for smartphones that reacts to your reactions to your sport or workplace and recommends next steps.

Alexis Garcia, Boost Innovation’s Director of Operations, has been a key cog in the rapidly spinning wheel of Boost Innovation, and founder Ken King can’t praise her, and the Boost team, enough:

“we have a nimble, and tight, group here at boost. Andrea, alexis, the squad, kennedy horn, our advisory board, our partners, and our contractors have all been instrumental in helping us get to where we are. As we continue to build interest and investment our ability to grow and have impact will only continue to expand.”

Ken’s desire to build from within comes from his background in collegiate basketball coaching where individual development has been a key to team success:

“Alexis is a great example. she started as an unpaid social media intern that we found by working our buns off. now, she’s on track to be COO for a multi-national organization. andrea (boost director of marketing) is another great example. immigrating to canada from columbia, attending a calgary institution (sait’s marketing program), and getting hired by a calgary company to head up marketing. why not? like, for real, why not?”

For the longest time, Boost Innovation’s hurdle in public opinion was whether or not they could actually produce. Then, in June 2021, they released their FLW Software for sport development in partnership with AIT from Tampa, Florida.

Now, the two burning questions are:

  1. Where is the Boost Innovation ceiling?
  2. Who’s next to jump on board?

PS. The “Healthy Workplace Culture Certification” has been run on ten businesses in North America. None have achieved the certification up to this point.

Check Out Boost’s WeFunder Here.

Boost Innovation is in the middle of new website and backend development, but their temporary website exists at and their most recent updates can be found on Instagram (@boost_innovation), Twitter (@boostinnovation), Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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