Beyond Personality Tests: What’s Next For Sport Performance?

Growing beyond personality tests

There’s no question that advancement in sport is happening fast. For decades we’ve seen significant evolution in footwear, protective gear, and most recently in analytics.

Measurement of personality through personality tests is common place, but widely seen as ineffective. So what is more effective, and what’s coming next?

Where We’ve Come From

sport helmet evolution beyond personality tests

We have seen that the mental performance field (sport psychology, performance psychology, etc) is quickly becoming a mainstay in the industry as most athletes look to develop their internal game as much as their external. Check out one of the GOATs discussing a key part of his work herWhere We’re Headed

The answer is culture analytics, or the ability to apply data-based values to human interaction and behaviour.

Boost Innovation is advancing this field all the time through their development of their FLW Software and other aspects of advanced culture analytics.

Many have focused for so long on the development of the individual, and the tools that they use, through innovation. Boost focuses on developing the group by measuring the individual and how they interact with other individuals in it.

A common concern is that the use of personality tests is not producing results or actual change. There is a need for analysis that produces results besides just building a label for each individual.

Addressing The Need

Boost Innovation’s FLW Project for sport culture has created performance mindset measurement that has immediate impact on things such as: recruitment, individual performance plan development, role decisions, coach-athlete relationship building, athlete-athlete relationship building, and much more.

The software also measures the sport specific tactical understanding. This builds culture around both sport IQ and performance mindset.

This analysis rejects the common practice of labelling individuals, which is common on personality tests. Instead, it emphasizes measuring and building the individual as they are in order to develop their capacity for performance.

The Next Steps

It’s time to go beyond personality tests, and layer understanding of performance mindset onto other analytics. It’s not about replacing a coach’s gut feeling, but layering more information on it that can actually improve the athlete as both a person AND a player.

As with all innovation, and particularly in sport, everyone will adopt these tools at different times.

When will you?

The FLW Software goes beyond personality tests

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