Like It Or Not, Your Post Pandemic Leadership Is Misguided

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For those in leadership, the main focus of your last couple years has more been on survival than anything else. But now, if your goal was to return to normal after the pandemic, you have missed the huge lesson that the world is doing everything it can in order to teach you.

You have to address the way that the world makes those that you lead feel.

If you don’t, you’re not doing your job.

empathetic leadership

Previous leadership models that involve how you speak to those you lead are officially obsolete now. There is one leadership model that drives success now based on our workplace culture behaviour data.

It’s not the authoritarian, the laissez-faire, the one who focuses on empowerment, or even the one who leads from the front. The leadership style that is a requirement in 2022 and beyond is the Empathetic Accountability Holder.

Based on our work, the Empathetic Accountability Holder is:

  • A listener who is always seeking to authentically connect with those they lead on topics that seem related AND one’s that don’t. Because they all are.
  • Someone who has a clear vision of what success for the group looks like, and is willing to adapt that vision as needed based on group needs.
  • A person who drives success by holding those they lead to high standards through the use of positive feedback combined with effective questions asking for criticism & clarity.
  • Someone who has tough conversations and doesn’t dance around or avoid issues. Avoiding the tough conversations is a selfish act and not something that serves the group.
  • A leader who shares their own vulnerabilities after first building trust with those they lead by investing time & effort.
  • Someone who aligns the vision with day to day actions and statements consistently. They seek to model these as much as possible but admit when they don’t in order to build trust and vulnerability.

Our profile of the Empathetic Accountability Holder as a leader is very complex and individualized to a lot of different factors depending on environment in business, education, and sport.

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