Threads Is The End of Social Media: But The Beginning Of “Social Performance”

Threads article from Boost Innovation

So you’ve heard about Threads? Amid this sea change, recent trends point towards a growing need to better understand and measure human behavior across business and sport domains. In these trends, there’s a platform that’s reshaping the landscape – Threads. A data-driven tool that could mark the end of social media as we know it.Why? The emergence of Threads represents a shift in the ethos of digital interaction.

Why Is Threads The End?

Unlike the previous eras dominated by traditional social media platforms, Threads allows for more controlled, intimate, and goal-oriented networking. With Twitter as a case study under the stewardship of CEO Elon Musk, we can see why the future of digital interaction is gravitating towards such tools.

Following Musk’s takeover, Twitter analytics has shown a significant decrease in user engagement, especially among professionals. People are growing wary of the biased noise and distractions that proliferate on social media platforms.

Studies, including those conducted by Boston University (2021) and Harvard Business Review (2022), have emphasized how excessive social media use can negatively impact work productivity and performance, even extending to the sports sector. Moreover, University of Michigan’s research (2023) highlighted the increasing necessity for digital tools that accurately measure human behavior. These studies emphasize that such tools are critical for optimal performance in various aspects, including business and sports leadership, networking, and development.

However, they also highlight that social media platforms have thus far fallen short in providing these necessary tools.

Threads presents an antidote to this issue. Unlike traditional social media platforms where communication is often sporadic and haphazard, Threads emphasizes structured, purposeful interaction. This creates a more conducive environment for discussions that foster learning, growth, and development.

It’s not just about cutting down on the white noise of social media either. In the opinion of Boost Innovation Founder Ken King, Threads brings something unique to the table: the ability to accurately measure human behavior.

” The ability to measure in Threads is clearly unprecedented in social media. We can start to layer in advanced tools that will lead us far beyond what was offered previously. The potential here is huge, and every player in human experience data collection should be taking notice.”

-Ken King, Boost Innovation Founder & CEO, July 2023

What Is Social Performance?

Quite simply, social performance was coined as “the use of social/group data in order to enhance the individual/group performance” by Boost Innovation in 2020.

Threads is the platform that allows for that to be possible in new and exciting ways that didn’t exist on previous platforms.

Take a look at work from people like Learner Lab when they discuss the new era of Growth Mindset in their most recent work. The approach is changing and it is time to listen more, learn about each other, and interact in ways we haven’t previously. Threads offers that.

What does this all mean? 😪

This is a game-changer for both business and sport sectors.

With Thread’s networking features, users can track their interactions, engagements, and responses, providing valuable insight into their communication habits, strengths, and weaknesses. Future potential integrations only increase the likelihood of incredible innovation and change.

Recent studies from Stanford University (2023) and MIT (2023) corroborate this trend. They found that digital tools like those that Boost Innovation has to offer, which measure human behavior, can boost productivity by up to 30%. This research also showed that sports teams utilizing similar technology to the FLW Analytics work observed a marked improvement in their players’ performance and teamwork.This evidence underscores why platforms like Threads, which offer more efficient, targeted, and measurable means of digital interaction, are superseding traditional social media platforms.

We can think of Threads not as the end of social media but rather its evolution – a move towards more data-driven, performance-oriented networking.

Why Do I Care About Threads?

But what does this mean for you? It means that to stay ahead in today’s fast-paced world, embracing an open ended platform like Threads is essential. To optimize your performance, you need to understand your behavior, and Threads offers the digital tools to do just that. Whether it’s in business or sports, leadership or development, Threads is reshaping the way we network and interact, leading us into a new era of digital communication.

Remember, this isn’t just about staying on top of current trends. It’s about understanding where we’re heading and why. With digital tools that allow us to measure our behavior, we can enhance our performance and truly be at our best. So, it’s not just the end of social media, but the beginning of something much more profound.


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