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Our Mission: Create massive performance improvement through measurement of what most once thought couldn't be measured.

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core values

Driven By Science & Delivered With Art

There's no real learning without facts and data behind it, but don't deliver it in only that way. Always remember the value in molding it, shaping it, and painting it in a way that connects with the people we are working with.

Be Curious & Growth Oriented

Constantly pursue higher levels of growth-oriented and curious thinking. Communicate honestly and openly in pursuit of higher learning and understand that’s how we will achieve great things.

Stay Nimble

Email and schedule minimally, keep work flexible and fun, and add team members that are good people who bring authenticity and value — GRW, FLW, and other software must stay nimble and inclusive.

Do Better, Be Better

We believe in investing in the health, wellness, culture, and happiness of community at all levels (our company, our city, our country, our world), including the environment.

Be Real

Following our "Golden Rule:" Keep your hands to yourself, keep your feet on the ground, and treat others as you would like to be treated. Stay organic with others in order help achieve genuine connection and trust to grow together.

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Our story

Established in 2016, we’ve always wanted to help others be more, and do more. 

In our work consulting and training with various clients worldwide, we realized that there is a natural cap on the ability of those services to impact long term. That’s why we wanted to do more with data and tech, so that we can help clients be more.

We are committed to delivering unparalleled service to clients that changes how they work together, forever.