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Does your workplace have a healthy culture?
What difference can a happy employee make in your organization?

Healthy workplaces = Healthy (HAPPY) employees

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Commonly Asked Questions

Not only does it involve the full process of our GRW Project’s proven culture analytics, but it also provides the ability to advertise the certification in your business, on your website, and all other mediums. Plus, customers and future employees love it!

The cost varies depending on company size, number of employees, and other time-based factors. However, the price is negotiable as long as the integrity of the data can be maintained.

Boost will do a full cultural analysis using our GRW Project methods that we run around the world, followed by our after action report. Should you achieve the threshold to be certified we will provide certificates and images for digital use. If not, the action items will help you get there and we will come back to re-analyze.

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