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Your culture, our technology, and the power of AI is here for you.
With that, we grow. 

Collecting Culture Data

Currently manual, soon to be digital using our homegrown artificial intelligence-based software, we use our patent pending Culture Analytics methods to collect workplace behaviour data”. 

Organizing & Analyzing

We collect information with ZERO user input. Purely behaviour-based data allows us the insight into your culture that you used to wish you had.

Implementing Culture Change

At present, our AAR (After Action Report) gives you the data-based actions you need to take to make significant change to your culture. We can support these changes through our training branch (The Boost Institute) and are developing virtual reality tools to make it even more impactful and individualized for your needs. 
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Measurable increases in alignment to values, inclusion, wellness, engagement, and ownership in the workplace.

The GRW Software works by combining behaviour science with innovative data collection methods to deliver unparalleled organizational change to businesses worldwide.

Manual GRW Project Analysis

A trained member of Boost Innovation works side by side with you and your organization through all give stages of our Culture Analytics model in order to provide personalized service and real human connection in addition to the data-based results.

Workplace Culture Certification

We’ll evaluate the culture in your workplace against our gold standards. From that, we establish a list of actionable items that you and your team can utilize to grow on both personal and professional levels.

GRW Training

One of the benefits of working with so many organizations and people is that we have access to data and learning that is truly unique. Through our GRW Training, we provide the ability to implement and understand culture data on your own.

GRW Software

COMING SOON… The GRW Software is being built to integrate into your space to digitally measure behaviors for real-time culture analysis as opposed to waiting months or years to measure. Stay tuned!

GRW's Innovative Technology


The GRW Project is in the process of being digitized fully in order to capture and build culture in ways that most can’t even imagine.


First batch investment is being pursued in order to construct a software that is the least invasive, and most accurate, culture measurement tool in history.

You haven't hit the ceiling

There's always room for improvement

With advances in technology and our proprietary algorithms, we can actually use data to BOOST group performance. 

  • Gain higher levels of engagement with significantly less churn risk.
  • Empower your team. Give them the tools they need to succeed AND be happy.
  • Focus on health, wellness, and inclusion.
  • Experience cultural growth on many levels.
  • Make a lasting impact

Melany Coopmans Vizithum

Psychotherapy Partner

For over 25 years, Melany’s honed her skills as a behavioral psychotherapist, uncovering problematic patterns and creating customized solutions-focused interventions. She does this by helping people deconstruct their behaviors and dream courageously—inspiring them to take active steps toward their fullest potential.

She’s worked with founders, owners and senior leadership all over the world, including the UK, France, Thailand, the United States, Costa Rica and Austria, helping start-ups and legacy-focused companies grow toward their goals.

Melany is able to assist The Boost Institute in informing best practices around our psychology-based programming, delivering impactful content, and increasing ROI for clients looking to level up their people.

Ken King

Boost Innovation President & CEO

Ken is the President & CEO of Boost Innovation Inc. They operate as The Boost Institute” and “Boost Tech” in order to deliver training and data-based tech innovation in the fields of culture, performance, business development, and mindfulness. 

Ken has worked in talent development and leadership for the past ten years in high performance sport, corporate consulting, inclusion, diversity, and talent development in multiple arenas. 

Ken has worked with groups and individuals worldwide and continues to provide 1on1 mentorship and coaching to executives in multiple industries. 

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